Period Delay

Delay Your Period

A woman can decide to postpone her normal monthly period, this is done by taking a period delay tablet known as Norethisterone. Do you have a wedding, a holiday, or a party coming up and would like to hold up your period? Get in touch with Duncans Pharmacy for the period delay in London.

Period delay in London

A normal menstrual cycle

A regular menstrual cycle starts on the first day of a period and ends a day before the next period. During the first half of the cycle, oestrogen levels go up. As a result, the womb’s lining thickens in readiness for pregnancy.

10 to 16 days after menstruation, the menstrual cycle is the midpoint. Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from the ovaries. Therefore, a woman is most fertile at this stage.

Progesterone levels increase during the second half of the cycle. The hormone prepares the womb for the probable implantation of an egg. However, when Progesterone levels go down, the womb’s lining is shed since egg fertilisation did not occur. As a result, periods or menstruation occur. A normal period cycle is between 21 and 40 days.

How do period delay pills work?

Period delay pills imitate the female hormone, progesterone. It, therefore, makes sure that the levels of progesterone are high. This stops the wombs’ lining from breaking hence delaying periods.

Period delay in London

How long can period delay in London last?

The Norethisterone tablet is capable of delaying menses for up to 17 days. However, you should take the tablet three days before your usual period date.

Can I use a period delay tablet while on contraceptive?

No, a period delay tablet should not be taken while using a combined pill. Alternatively, you can consecutively take two packets of contraceptive pills. However, this technique may lead to spotting, bleeding, or bloating. Therefore, consult your pharmacist or GP before trying to use this method.