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We offer a wide range of services here at Duncans Pharmacy in London.


Loving your skin has both cosmetic and medical advantages, treat yourself today.


Impetigo easily spreads to other parts of your body, get treatment as soon as possible.

Period Delay

You can postpone your normal monthly period by taking the period delay tablet, Norethisterone.

Ear Infection

Visit Duncan’s Pharmacy and speak to our pharmacist if you think you have an ear infection.

UTI Treatment

Antibiotics are used to treat UTIs, however, they’re not always required.

Erectile Dysfunction

Get discreet and personalised help for erectile dysfunction in London.

COVID-19 Fit to Fly Testing

Duncans Pharmacy has a professional COVID-19 Response Technician who will take the sample for you.

Travel Clinic

Get your Travel Vaccines in London today from Duncans Pharmacy, your travel healthcare experts.

Chickenpox Vaccine

At Duncans Pharmacy, we have made it possible to access the chickenpox vaccine in London.